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How to skip translations?
How to skip translations?
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1. Skip translation using "notranslate" class

Note: This method works both for free and paid versions of GTranslate, whereas other methods described below are available only for our paid versions.

In order to prevent the translation of certain parts of your website, you can use class="notranslate" attribute for any HTML element. 

For example:

<span class="notranslate">this text will not be translated</span>

Another example for page content:

<div class="notranslate">
    <p>This paragraph will not be translated</p>
    <div>The content of this block will not be translated</div>

2. Skip translation using CSS selector

You can add multiple CSS selectors in your User Dashboard Settings page, which will ensure that the HTML elements which match your selectors will be skipped from translation. Compared to the previous method, this method doesn't require modifications on your website content. For example:

<h2 id="product_title">John Doe's Pizza</h2>

For this case you can use the following CSS selector:


To skip the title of the page form translation you can define it with this selector:


3. Skip translation of phrases

To skip some phrases from translation you can add them in your User Dashboard Settings page. More often this method is used to define brand names which should not be translated. 

4. Skip translation of pages

To skip entire pages from translation add the relative URLs of that pages in your User Dashboard Settings page.

For example to skip translation of all pages of your forum you can use this:


Another example, which skips translation of your Terms of Service page:


You can add multiple pages separated by comma.

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