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How to setup GTranslate free module on Drupal?
How to setup GTranslate free module on Drupal?
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Download the latest version of GTranslate module for Drupal from the official Drupal repository Currently we support Drupal 6, Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 versions.

Note: The steps below are for Drupal 8, but the process is very similar for other Drupal versions.


  1. Go to your Drupal admin

  2. Navigate to Extend โ†’ Install new module

  3. Choose the downloaded package and click Install

On the next page that loads, you will see "Installation was completed successfully."


Click the link "Enable newly added modules" to return to the Extend page, where you should locate GTranslate module, mark the checkbox and click Install.

You will see "Module GTranslate has been enabled" message.


Navigate to Configuration and open GTranslate under REGIONAL AND LANGUAGE section.

On this screen you can configure the language selector look and feel and enable the languages you wish to use on your website. The options are self explanatory.

Add the language selector

  1. Navigate to Structure โ†’ Block layout

  2. Find the location you wish to add the language selector

  3. Click Place block button, a popup window will appear

  4. Find GTranslate and click Place block button

  5. On the next screen you can optionally uncheck Disable title and click Save block

You can reorder the modules inside the block layout to place it correctly. When you are done click Save blocks on the bottom of the screen.

Navigate to your front-page and check the results:

Note: If you have any issues with following the steps, please feel free to contact our Live chat and one of our agents will help you.

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