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How to choose a paid plan?
How to choose a paid plan?

Explanation about the features of GTranslate paid plans and what you need for your website.

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  1. Bilingual / All languages - optional

  2. Neural translation - included in all paid plans

  3. Search engine indexing - included in all paid plans

  4. Edit translations - included in all paid plans

  5. URL translation - optional

  6. Language hosting - optional

1. Bilingual or All languages

If you want to have a bilingual website, with only 2 languages available you should choose Bilingual option. In this case you will have your website available on original, and on one additional language translated by GTranslate. This option is best for websites in countries like Canada where English and French languages are common.

If you want to go global and have your website available in multiple languages, it is necessary to choose All languages feature. In this case you can choose from up to 103 languages we currently support.

2. Neural translation

We provide Google neural machine translations which is very accurate for popular language pairs. For example the quality of statistical machine translation for Spanish to English translation ranks 6 out of 10, where 10 is a perfect translation rank. Human translators generally rank 8.5. The new neural machine translations hit 8.3.

3. Search engine indexing

Search engines will index your translated pages which will increase international organic traffic. This means that your website will have a chance to be found while people will browse on different languages.

4. Edit translations

You can edit the translations directly from the front-end by using our in-context editor. 

Check out a demo below:

Read more about editing translations on How to edit translations.

5. URL translation

This feature is great for SEO. This will help your website's highest ranked keywords to be found in search engines result pages.

For example if you have an online shop and you sell shoes for men, a possible URL can look like this The translated URL will be like thisобувь-для-мужчин which will rank higher compared to non-translated URL in Russian language for search phrase like "обувь для мужчин".

This feature is great for websites which depend on organic traffic.

6. Language hosting

This feature allows you to use a completely different domain name for a translated website. For example if your website is and it is in English language, you can use Language hosting feature to have for Spanish language which will rank higher in search engine results pages in Spain compared to

Note: You must be the owner of the domain name you want to use.

This feature is best for brand owners who want to have global presence.

Currently we have 4 predefined paid plans available to choose from:

  1. Startup

  2. Business

  3. Enterprise

  4. Custom - which allows you to customize and get any plan you want for your specific case.

Example 1: Choosing a plan for an online shop

For example you have an online shop and you want to translate it into multiple languages and make sure it has a high SEO score for product keywords. In this case you will need to get our Business plan which includes the following features: All languages - to translate your shop into multiple languages, URL translation - to have URL keywords translated for higher SEO score.

If you are interested in hosting some of the translations of your website on a specific domain which you have, than you should also include Language hosting feature into your GTranslate plan.

Example 2: Choosing a plan for wine factory website in Quebec

For example you have a website for your winery in Quebec in French and you want to make it bilingual: French and English. You can choose our Custom plan with Bilingual feature.

Example 3: Choosing a plan for a dental office in California

Let's say you are running a dental office in California, and you have a website in English language which you want to be available also in Spanish. In this case we will recommend you to choose our Custom plan with following features enabled: Bilingual - to translate your English website into Spanish, URL translation - to get benefit from web searches in Spanish.

Example 4: Choosing a plan for an online recipes blog

Let's say you have an online blog where you write recipes about making cakes and you monetize your blog with Google AdSense. You wish to make it multilingual to get more international traffic and increase your revenue from advertising. In that case you can choose our pre-defined Startup plan which is the same Custom plan with All languages feature enabled.

You can also consider our pre-defined Business plan which also includes URL translation feature which is great for SEO.

For all our plans we have monthly and yearly billing cycles and 15 days free trial period available.

With our yearly billing cycles you get 2 months price discount.

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